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    At Persones, we believe that each company/individual needs a unique and special service, and that one-strategy-only cannot be applicable to everyone. For this reason we selected 10 areas explained below for you to identify what you really need. We will always advise you in advance in order to properly focus your request.

    All the options we offer must be adapted to each and every case and client. Therefore, after the interview, you will be briefed in detail on how to manage your needs.

    We only work with you, to achieve what you need in an effective results-oriented and manner.

      If we feel at ease with our body, our mind will know and will work better. This key principle is not new, but it often means a huge effort to change habits and incorporate new ones, even knowing that they can have spectacular results. We offer you, once and for all, to get your hands on it and change what is good and promote good practices. When you see the changes you will improve many aspects of your life.
    • Health, mind and body, habits.
      A better health means healthy habits and a better quality of life.

      We will help you build your personal brand inside out so that you will manage to differentiate, improve the image you want to display in the different areas in which you interact, and the perception others have of you.
    • Image, networking, personal promotion.
      Decide what you want your public image to be.

      Many women choose not to continue their professional careers and merely stay in positions for which they exceed in capacity.

      This is based on a set of beliefs from which it seems impossible to grow, both personally and professionally; a situation in which one has to choose one of the two vital options.

      On the other hand, there are women who like to hold positions of greater responsibility, but do not know how to do it. Through a process of self-awareness and reinforcement of personal power and strategic capabilities, professional women can better plan their careers to meet their development goals both in the workplace and private sphere.
    • Talent, potential, professional career.
      Women can attain professional success without giving up their personal life.

      Focused training is designed to develop skills individually using 100% of the trainer’s and the trainee’s attention. It is an extremely effective training format due to its intensity and concentration.
      The range of skills and knowledge that can be transmitted is very large: persuasive presentations, interpersonal communication skills, negotiation, people management...The fundamental fact is the transmission of specific knowledge and training in order to implement actions converted now into skills.
    • Development.
      It is an intense process of immersion in a particular skill to achieve immediate results.

      Conflict management is a tool that helps us solve unwanted situations, mediating between parties in aspects of both process and content in order to reach an agreed solution with the help of a professional.
      In the management process, the professional, involved in the conflict as a third party, provides solutions and helps in both the content and the process with a series of techniques and proven effective tools.
    • Techniques, intervention process and content.
      We provide technical solutions for conflict resolution.

      We understand coaching in a broad manner, with an approach from various schools and trends. In all cases, the course of action is a structured conversation based on areas of improvement and / or specific objectives to be met.
      We work in these areas:
      • Top management coaching
      • Executive coaching
      • Coaching for entrepreneurs
      • Personal coaching
    • Objective, area for improvement.
      Meet objectives with one’s own resources.

      Counseling is a form of aid which aims at providing guidance and support for people to confront their struggles, make decisions, undertake changes or modify attitudes, among other things. The counselor provides the necessary tools for the individual to assume autonomy in the change management process, opening new possibilities to ensure her/his personal and professional wellbeing.
    • Identify resources, emotional training.
      It helps to focus on key issues, clarify thoughts and find meaning in what we do.

      "Qualified listening" is the service offered by a consultant with extensive experience and ability to actively listen, who understands what the manager explains, hence the very act of listening becomes the catalyst of thoughts by the speaker and contributes decisively to sort her/his thoughts. It is ideal for people who think as they speak and who need a counterpart to reflect upon and contrast their ideas.
    • Listen actively and speak with reason.
      It helps organize thoughts and catalyzes the reasoning processes of the speaker.

      Process through which a person, with proven and corroborated expertise in a very specific field, transmits knowledge to another person that wishes to acquire it. The mentoring we develop is essentially oriented towards three very distinct activities:
      • Strategic development
      • Legal environment for entrepreneurs
      • Managerial skills
    • Learning.
      Learn from someone who knows.

      Talent is something that people can identify and therefore be developed individually, but can also be understood collectively, at an organizational level.

      Therefore, we can work focusing precisely on what people and / or organizations wish to achieve, always adding corporate values as multipliers.
    • Talent and values.
      Developing talent is concerned primarily with understanding where to apply improvement actions based on the needs of the person.