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    In Persones we work with different tools to develop the best practices, used exclusively or combining the best of each technique according to the process.
    Coaching Persones one-to-one service


    We understand coaching in a broad manner, with an approach from various schools and trends. In all cases, the course of action is a structured conversation based on areas of improvement and / or specific objectives to be met.


    Counseling is a form of aid which aims at providing guidance and support for people to confront their struggles, make decisions, undertake changes or modify attitudes, among other things. The counselor provides the necessary tools for the individual to assume autonomy in the change management process, opening new possibilities to ensure her/his personal and professional wellbeing.


    Process through which a person, with proven and corroborated expertise in a very specific field, transmits knowledge to another person that wishes to acquire it.


    The appreciative inquiry allows us to understand the whole person, in what it is best and brings more value. It help us to focus on the positive aspects of the person and start a change process inclusive and comprehensive.